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Over the past several years, the City of Fort Wayne has been working with the McMillen Foundation to determine the next steps for the vacant Bowser buildings, 1302 E. Creighton Ave., which are owned by the Foundation.

After several years of gathering information from area residents and possible developers, the McMillen Foundation requested assistance with demolishing the buildings because developers found them too costly to rehabilitate. In order to be functional, the primary Bowser building would need completely new heating, cooling, and electrical systems, new plumbing, asbestos abatement, adaptations for ADA compliance and more. The City believes it is important to take down the buildings before they deteriorate further and have a negative impact on the Renaissance Pointe neighborhood.

Two historical markers will memorialize the Bowser Company and a public meeting to discuss the markers will be scheduled soon. Please continue to check this web page for a date and time.

The following documents provide more details about the process of taking down the buildings.

March 16, 2017 news release

March, 2017 letter to residents