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Historic Preservation Commission Agendas

Historic Preservation Commission meetings are normally held in the OMNI Room (Rm 025), Garden Level, Citizens Square Building, 200 E. Berry St, Fort Wayne, Indiana at 5:30 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month.


January 24: Agenda (Zoom)

February 28: Agenda

March 28: Agenda

April 25: Agenda

May 23: Agenda

June 27: Agenda

July 25: Agenda

August 22: Agenda

September 26: Agenda

October 24: Agenda

November 28: Agenda

December 19: Agenda


January 25: Meeting Cancelled

February 22: Agenda

March 22: Agenda

April 26: Agenda

May 24: Agenda

June 28: Meeting Cancelled

July 7: Agenda (Special Meeting)

July 26: Agenda

Auguest 23: Agenda

September 27: Agenda

October 11: Agenda (Special Meeting)

October 25: Agenda

November 22: Agenda

December 13: Agenda



January 27: Agenda

February 24: Agenda

March 23: Meeting Cancelled

March 26: Agenda

April 13: Agenda

May 18: Agenda

June 22: Agenda

July 27: Agenda

Auguest 24: Agenda

September 28: Agenda

October 26: Agenda

November 23: Meeting Cancelled

December 14: Agenda



January 19: Agenda

February 19: Agenda

March 12: Agenda (Special Meeting)

March 25: Agenda

April 22: Agenda

May 20: Agenda

June 24: Agenda

July 22: Meeting Cancelled

August 26: Agenda

September 23: Agenda

October 28: Agenda

November 25: Agenda

December 16: Meeting Cancelled



January 22: Meeting Cancelled

February 26: Agenda

March 26: Agenda

April 23: Agenda

May 21: Meeting Cancelled

June 4: Agenda (Special Meeting)

June 25: Meeting Cancelled

July 23: Agenda

August 27: Meeting Cancelled

September 24: Agenda

October 22: Agenda

November 26: Agenda

December 17: Agenda



January 23: Agenda

February 27: Agenda

March 27: Agenda

April 24: Agenda

May 22: Agenda

June 26: Agenda

July 24: Agenda

August 28: Agenda

September 25: Agenda

October 23: Meeting Cancelled

November 27: Agenda

December 18: Meeting Cancelled



January 26: Agenda

February 22: Agenda

March 28: Agenda

April 25: Agenda

May 23: Agenda

June 27: Agenda

July 25: Agenda

August: Meeting Cancelled

September 25: Agenda

October 24: Agenda

November 28: Agenda

December 19: Agenda



January: Meeting Cancelled

February 23: Agenda

March: Meeting Cancelled

April 27: Agenda

May 18: Agenda

June 22: Agenda

July 27: Meeting Cancelled

August 24: Agenda

September 28: Agenda  

October 26: Agenda

November: Meeting Cancelled

December: Meeting Cancelled



January: Meeting Cancelled

February: Meeting Cancelled

March 24: Agenda

April 16: Agenda

May 19: Agenda

June 23: Agenda

July: Meeting Cancelled

August 25: Agenda 

September 22: Agenda 

October: Meeting Cancelled

November: Meeting Cancelled

December: Meeting Cancelled



January: Meeting Cancelled

February 25: Agenda

March 25: Agenda

April 22: Agenda

May 20: Agenda

June: Meeting Cancelled

July: Meeting Cancelled

August 26: Agenda

September 23: Agenda

October 15: Agenda

November 18: Agenda

December: Meeting Cancelled

Historic Districts

The Historic Preservation Commission is involved with three possible types of historic districts in Fort Wayne:  local historic districts, local conservation districts, and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  These three types of district designation are separate and independent.  One property may have more than one type of designation.  Local historic districts and National Register listings may also contain a single building or historic resource.  The Local Historic District designation is the most common.  To download a Petition for Local Historic Property or District Designation, click pdfPETITION.

For more information about the meaning of each designation, the benefits received from each designation and the process by which to apply, please download the appropriate PDF:

Read a newsletter article discussing Fort Wayne's Local Historic Districts here.  

What historic sites are in Fort Wayne?

Fort Wayne has many historic sites.  Please see the pdfMAP to see an overall view of the sites.  There are many historic landmarks in Downtown Fort Wayne.  Click pdfHISTORIC DOWNTOWN FORT WAYNE to download a brochure of these. A list of all historic sites in Fort Wayne can be downloaded by clicking on pdfHISTORIC DISTRICTS. The list includes all properties in Fort Wayne and Allen County that have obtained any type of historic designation.  Each entry includes the historic name of the property or district, the year of listing (in parentheses), and the address whenever possible.  The types of historic designation are:

  • Local Historic District
  • Indiana State Register of Historic Places
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Historic American Buildings Survey
  • National Historic Landmark

Selected items below have links to maps or additional information.

pdfAtlantis Travel Building

pdfBlackstone Building

pdfBrookview-Irvington National Register District

pdfBusiness Equipment Company

pdfCathedral of Immaculate Conception

pdfColumbia Avenue Historic District

pdfDr. Merchant W. Huxford House

                                    pdfDr. Robert and Susie McKeeman House

pdfForest Park Boulevard Historic District

pdfFort Wayne Parks & Boulevard System National Register District

pdfFort Wayne Printing

pdfFoster Park Neighborhood Historic District

pdfIllsley Place - West Rudisill Historic District

pdfIndian Village Historic District

pdfInternational Harvester Tower

pdfKnights of Pythias

pdfKresge-Groth Block

pdfLafayette Place Historic District

pdfNorth Anthony Blvd National Register District

pdfOakdale Historic District

Prairie Grove Chapel and Cemetery

pdfRahe-Foster-Sack House

pdfRev. Jesse & Ionie White House

pdfSalomon Farm

pdfSchmitz Block

pdfSchroeder's Clothing

pdfShawnee Place Historic District

pdfSmith Field

pdfSouth Side Farmer's Market

pdfSouth Wayne Historic District

pdfSouthwood Park Historic District

pdfSt. Peter's Square

pdfSt. Vincent Villa

pdfThe Landing

pdfWest Central Historic District

pdfWildwood Park Historic District

pdfWilliams Woodland Park Historic District




Historic Preservation Commission

Lincoln Hwy Arch on Maumee postcard

hpc logo


What is the HPC?

The Fort Wayne Historic Preservation Commission(HPC) is a seven-member mayoral appointed body. Commission members are residents of the City who are interested in the preservation and development of historic areas and include professionals with experience related to history, architecture, construction, and other disciplines related to historic preservation. Qualified Historic Preservation Planners in the City's Community Development Division serve as staff to the HPC. The HPC is empowered to preserve and protect historically or architecturally worthy buildings, structures, sites and districts which serve as visible reminders of the historic heritage of the city.  The HPC enforces the provisions found in the pdfFort Wayne Historic Preservation and Protection Ordinance (Chapter 151 of City Code).

Historic Preservation Staff

Don Orban: Planner II - Historic Preservation
Phone: (260) 427-2160 / E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Creager Smith: Planner - Historic Preservation
Phone: (260) 427-2161  / E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

District Administration

For locally designated historic properties and conservation districts, the HPC and staff provide pdfdesign review, and issue approvals for changes to designated properties that are subject to public view.

Public Meetings

The HPC schedules monthly public meetings to review requests for proposed changes to locally designated historic properties. The Commission meets on the fourth Monday of most months at 5:30 p.m. in the OMNI Room (basement) of Citizens Square (date and location are subject to change). The public is welcome to attend all meetings of the Fort Wayne Historic Preservation Commission. See Agendas.    

The HPC has granted its staff permission to approve Certificates of Appropriateness in certain situations. In these cases, review by the full commission is not necessary. Ask the HPC staff if a Commission Review or staff approval is applicable for your project.

Technical Assistance

    • The HPC staff is available to the public to provide design assistance and technical information related to the restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings.
    • Architectural and historic research assistance is available from HPC staff to groups or individuals involved in revitalizing historic areas and/or the rehabilitation or interpretation of historic properties.
    • Assistance is available with the preparation of both Local Historic District petitions and National Register of Historic Places nominations.
    • The staff assists other city and county departments and non-profit agencies undertaking projects that affect historic areas and buildings.
    • HPC staff assists neighborhoods interested in historic or conservation district designation.

Preservation Planning

The HPC staff assists neighborhood associations, businesses and others in interpreting and implementing approved Neighborhood and Community Development Plans. The staff also has the task of revising and updating adopted plans and reports as well as providing the historic components of other plans prepared by the City.

Environmental Review

The Historic Preservation Act of 1966 mandates detailed analysis of historic significance, determination of potential eligibility for listing on the National Register, and the assessment of the effect that federally funded projects have on eligible buildings or areas. The HPC staff provides required historic preservation review for some federally funded projects such as housing rehabilitation programs.

Other Services Provided by HPC Staff

    • Design Assistance [HPC staff cannot prepare your plans or design your project]
    • Assistance selecting exterior paint colors
    • Assistance selecting building materials
    • Assistance developing landscaping plansHP pink house web
    • Research assistance including:
      • Historic Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
      • Extensive building information files
      • Historic photos of Fort Wayne
      • National Register nominations
      • Local Historic District nominations
      • General product information (HPC cannot make product recommendations)
      • On-site technical support
    • Library with information on:

Historic Preservation Menu






Certificate of Appropriateness

What is a Certificate of Appropriateness?

A Certificate of Appropriateness is a document received from the Historic Preservation Commission stating that specific work has been approved by the Commission.  A Certificate of Appropriateness is required before most exterior work begins and before a building permit can be issued for properties located in Local Historic Districts.  Changes involving new construction, reconstruction, alteration, demolition, major maintenance, exterior color changes, and the introduction of fences, walls, lighting fixtures, permanent landscaping, etc. require a Certificate of Appropriateness.

There are two types of approval [Staff or Commission] and the process and documentation will depend on the type.  Before beginning a project or submitting an application, it is recommended that applicants call (260) 427-8311 and ask for an Historic Preservation Planner, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  forpdf DESIGN REVIEW  to determine which type your project will require.  HPC staff will help you with the process.  There is no charge for filing a Certificate of Appropriateness.

Click HERE to complete an online application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). 

  • The online application has an option to select the historic district in which the property is located.  If you do not know, or are unsure of, the name of the historic district, please choose "other."  If your property is a single property Local Historic District, please choose "Individual Property District" from the drop down menu.
  • If you would like a copy of the COA application returned to you for your records and to confirm submission, please provide an email address at the bottom of the application.
  • When your application is complete, please press "submit."  Please be aware that the  Historic Preservation Commission staff reserves the right to request that certain sample materials, plans, and attachments (for example, paint color samples) be submitted in their original form to the HPC office.

If you prefer, you may downloard a PDF version of the application.  Completed applications should be sent or delivered to the address listed at the bottom of the application.  Click pdfHERE to download a PDF version of the application.

For Design Guidelines, clickpdf GUIDELINES.

[If you have difficulty in opening a PDF, you may need to download a newer version of Adobe Reader.  Click ADOBE for a free download.]