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Project Overview

The City of Fort Wayne Community Development Staff collaborate with neighborhood and community leaders to develop neighborhood and sub-area plans.  Often these plans include recommendations to rezone areas or corridors to a more appropriate zoning district for the actual land uses, or to encourage more compatible land uses and development patterns for the neighborhood.  The Nebraska Neighborhood Plan (2010) is an example of a plan that includes recommendations for specific areas, including the rezoning of portions of the West Main corridor.

Community Development Staff and Department of Planning Services Staff are collaborating as the Proactive Rezoning Work Group.  We are working on this rezoning initiative, as well as other areas that would benefit from stabilization and redevelopment.  In the past, a neighborhood was responsible for gathering property owner signatures of support to request a zoning change, which is a challenging task for any group.  This collaborative effort will eliminate the need for signatures, and the team will present the request for rezoning to the Plan Commission instead.

A rezoning request is filed with the Department of Planning Services, to be placed on the Fort Wayne Plan Commission Public Hearing Agenda.  Staff will process the request, placing a public notice in the Fort Wayne newspaper, sending courtesy notice letters to surrounding property owners as well as the neighborhood associations, and placing public hearing signs in the neighborhood.  Staff also creates zoning maps and prepares a staff report which will be sent to the Plan Commission members and is available for viewing on the DPS website https://www.allencounty.us/department-of-planning-services.

The public hearing is held for review of the request, at which time property owners and the public can give input and ask questions.  Letters and emails can also be sent to DPS ahead of the public hearing.  One week later the Plan Commission will meet to make a recommendation to send to City Council.  Council usually meets a few weeks later to make their final decision.

Staff can be reached during any phase of this process by calling 260-449-7607 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Fort Wayne Community Development staff can also be reached at 260-427-2181.

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Project Team

Russ Garriott, Senior Planner - Planning & Policy

Sherese Fortriede, Senior Planner - Planning & Policy

Michelle Wood, Senior Planner - Department of Planning Services

Nathan Law, Planner II - Planning & Policy

Nathan Schall, Associate Planner - Department of Planning Services

Project Objectives

  1. Implement the Nebraska Neighborhood Plan by providing more appropriate zoning for the actual land use. 
  2. Encourage more compatible land uses and development patterns that support the adjacent neighborhoods. 
  3. Support future development along the West Main corridor. 

Project Schedule

West Main Rezoning Initiative Timeline
March 29, 2023 Open House 5:30 P.M to 7:00 P.M   United Faith Presbyterian
April 17, 2023 Initiate Rezoning Process with Plan Commission   5:30 P.M. Citizens Square, Rm 030 
May 02, 2023 Filing Deadline to Plan Commission 5:00 P.M. Citizens Square, Ste 150
May 26, 2023 Public Notice and Property Owner Mailing    
Sept 11, 2023 FW Plan Commission Public Hearing 5:30 P.M. Citizens Square, Rm 035
Sept 18, 2023 FW Plan Commission Business Meeting 5:30 P.M Citizens Square, Rm 030
TBD City Council Discussion and Adoption (TBD) 5:30 P.M. Citizens Square, Rm 035

Project Consistent with Plans

Nebraska Neighborhood Plan (2010)

All In Allen Comprehensive Plan (2023)