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To receive full benefit of participation, businesses are required to complete an EZB-R (or EZB-E if requesting an extension) and an EZ-2 annually.

Form EZB-R - Online

All SEED businesses receiving a tax benefit (including those in the former Enterprise Zone) must file Form EZB-R and EZB-E (Extension Form) by June 1 of each year to report results  Access the online version of the form here:  Enterprise Zone Business Registration Form (EZB-R)  or contact SEED for a printed version.  Note: businesses must also file an EZ-2 with the Allen County Auditor (below).

The links below access the following forms. 

Schedule EZ-2 - Investment Deduction Form (Fillable PDF)

Businesses that apply to receive a tax deduction need to file Schedule EZ-2 with the Allen County Auditor's Office no later than May 15 of each year for evaluation. It is only necessary to fill out the Property Description portion and sign the form. The Auditor's office will fill out the assessment numbers and calculate any increase/decrease from previous years for real estate and/or personal property.  For personal property deductions, also attach an equipment list to the EZ-2 or a copy of Form 103.  

Form 103 Long - Business Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return 

Form 103 Short - Business Tangible Personal Property Return

Form 104 - Business Tangible Personal Property Return

Schedule LIC - Enterprise Zone Loan Interest Tax Credit

Form EZB-E - Enterprise Zone Business Registration Form Extension Application

AIEZ Forms

EZBR Instructions 

EZB-E PDF Fill-In 

EZB-R PDF Fill-In 


IT-40 QEC - Enterprise Zone Qualified Employee Certificate

Due to the December 31, 2018 expiration of the Fort Wayne Enterprise Zone, the QEC credit is no longer available to Fort Wayne district businesses.