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Mural Location: 1818 Bluffton Road

Theme:  Breaking Down Barriers

Subjects:  Raquel Kline & Thomas Smith

Artist:  Mitchell Egly


Raquel Kline

Raquel Kline PortriatAs an immigrant herself, Raquel has worked since coming to Fort Wayne in 2006 to ensure that the needs and desires of immigrants as well as minorities have equal access to resources, including cultural ones. Her professional focus has been on language equality, coordinating translation and interpretation services for speakers of dozens of languages used in the community. Her work with the arts community has increased access for immigrants and minorities in Fort Wayne to non-English speakers as well.





To view Raquel Kline's nomination video click play below:


Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith PortraitThomas Smith is a trailblazing educator that has left an indelible mark on the Fort Wayne community. He is beloved for his commitment to education, developing leaders, serving others and breaking barriers in the process.







To view Thomas Smith's nomination video click play below:



Artist: Mitchell Egly

mitchell Egly Possessing a deep love of world history, the humanities, and an abundance of curiosity – Mitchell Egly is completely dedicated to the craft of communication design through illustration. He prides himself in having respect for each and every project and savors even the smallest detail that can help bring a vision to life. Forming relationships with others in a way he can be of use, his experience has provided him with a range of opportunities to contribute to many forms of corporate/campaign branding, private art works, and public installations.




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