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The McKinnie Commons project in the Rudisill-Plaza and Anthony Wayne Community Association neighborhoods was identified as a priority for future improvements in the Public Spaces & Interconnectivity section of the Southeast Strategy Update adopted in 2021.

Project Overview

The McKinnie Ave. and South Anthony Blvd. intersection is a highly visible and traveled commercial nodeThe excess right-of-way created by the northernmost slip lane along McKinnie Ave. is being repurposed and transformed into a community gathering space for activities and events.  Several input meetings were hosted by the Southeast Area Partnership and the City to help create the design concept for this space.  The space will feature a bandshell that could have reoccurring or impromptu performances, large urban swings, space for food trucks and pop-up vendors, outdoor dining areas, decorative lighting, and shade sails.


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Project Goals and Objectives

GOAL ONE: Create a space where the community can gather

  • Objective 1: Design a bandshell used for organized and impromptu music performances
  • Objective 2: Provide a space for holidays lights and tree lighting
  • Objective 3: Provide a space for public art to be displayed
  • Objective 4: Provide a space for food trucks to park during events

GOAL TWO: Improve Safety

  • Objective 1: Additional lighting will be added to the site via street and accent lights
  • Objective 2: Create a planted buffer to separate people from vehicular traffic
  • Objective 3: Improve access to the site by improving crosswalks and closing off the slip lane

GOAL THREE: Beautification

  • Objective 1: Provide additional planting along sidewalk areas
  • Objective 2: Create areas where accent string lights can be utilized
  • Objective 3: Provide new walkways and concrete
  • Objective 4: Provide shade sails to help combat the heat island effect and provide visual interest
  • Objective 5: Provide a space for urban swings

Project Timeline

June 2021

  • Community Engagement event at Renaissance Pointe YMCA

July 2021

  • Project design begins

April 2022

  • Groundbreaking on the project

Completed as of October 2022

  • Demolition of the slip lane
  • General earthwork
  • Footings for the bandshell, string lights, street lights, and urban swings have been poured
  • New water and sewer lines are being installed

Project Team

Community Development

  • Nancy Townsend, Director - Community Development
  • Stacy Haviland, Landscape Architect, and Administrator - Redevelopment
  • Holly Petzak, Community Development Manager - Redevelopment
  • Hayley Bondi, Urban Designer, and Landscape Architect - Redevelopment

Design Team

  • Paul Konwinski, Project Manager - Martin Riley Architects
  • Torrey Ehrman, Civil Engineer - Martin Riley Architects
  • Dan Ernst, Landscape Architect - Earth Source Inc. 
  • Ryan Rodrigue, Landscape Architect - Earth Source Inc. 


  • Hamilton Hunter Builders, Fort Wayne

Plan Alignment 

SE Strategy Plan Alignment Icon

Southeast Strategy Update
Adopted in 2021

Public Spaces & Interconnectivity

One: High-quality and inviting public gathering spaces should be created and maintained

Two: Improvements to neighborhood parks, including upgrades to existing amenities, should be a priority in Southeast and focus on neighborhood and resident input

All In Allen Icon

All In Allen Comprehensive Plan (DRAFT)
To Be Adopted

Transportation & Mobility

Goal One: Ensure all residents have equitable access to parks, natural areas, and trails to meet increasing current and future demand

Goal Five: Improve awareness of outdoor passive and active recreation and local and regional tourism opportunities within our parks, trails, riparian and natural areas

Project Metrics

  • How many people use the new community space after completion
  • Neighborhood survey on comfortability and accessibility of the new community space after completion

Project Budget

  • $1,038,335.83 (current cost)