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What Is Packard 2030

The City of Fort Wayne's Community Development Division's Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup worked together with the Packard Area Planning Alliance to develop Packard 2030, a planning document that provides a shared vision and direction for the group of neighborhoods located in the southwest urban core of the city. The plan provides strategies for investing in growth, building community, and improving the quality of life for Packard area residents. 

The recommendations found in the document were shaped by nearly 1,500 interactions with residents, businesses, and stakeholders and drafted by an advisory committee comprised of neighborhood leaders in the Packard Area. Packard 2030 is built on three strategic chapters:

  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Neighborhood Character
  • Neighborhood Public Realm

Packard 2030 includes the following neighborhoods: 

Broad River Courts of Woodhurst Creighton Home Fairfield Fairfield Terrace Belmont Fairmont
Foster Park Harrison Hill Hoagland Masterson Illsley Place Oakdale Poplar
Sherwood to Pettit South Wayne Southwood Park West Rudisill Williams Woodland Park Woodhurst



Packard 2030 Neighborhood Plan


 Download a PDF of Packard 2030 Neighborhood Plan

Latest Updates

The Packard 2030 Neighborhood Plan is now an All In Allen Comprehensive Plan amendment. The plan was approved at the Fort Wayne Common Council on Tuesday, May 9th, 2023, and is currently in the IMPLEMENTATION phase. 
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All In Allen
Adopted March 13, 2023

Chapter 6 [1.4] Strengthen existing neighborhoods and revitalize declining and middle- and low-income neighborhoods

  • 1.4.1 Review and update incentives and provide coordinated planning assistance to revitalize declining and middle neighborhoods. 

Chapter 6 [1.6] Encourage neighborhood activation and planning

  • 1.6.2 Support and foster the development of action-oriented and asset-based plans for declining and middle neighborhoods
  • 1.6.3 Support and foster the creation of sub-area plans that promote and sustain complete neighborhoods

Why Do We Need a Neighborhood Plan?

You may ask why a neighborhood plan is important. The neighborhood planning process offers local stakeholders the opportunity to come together and shape the future of your neighborhood. Neighborhood plans do a lot for a community, including (1) engaging residents and businesses in identifying a future vision for the area and providing strategies and recommendations for achieving that vision, (2) providing detailed recommendations for the neighborhood to ensure neighborhoods grow as envisioned by the plan, and (3) provide a level of analysis, detail, and guidance on issues affecting local areas that a "comprehensive" citywide plan cannot. 

Who Is Involved In Creating a Neighborhood Plan?

In short, everyone! This plan involves anyone who lives, works, worships, and participates in the neighborhoods in the Packard Planning Area. Direct involvement from the neighborhood's stakeholders and residents is central to developing a neighborhood plan. 

To ensure that the neighborhood planning process was developed and handled smoothly, a team of steering committee members, made up of residents and business owners in the Packard Planning Area, met regularly to provide feedback and guidance in the plan development process. 


The Packard Area Planning Alliance

The Packard Area Planning Alliance seeks to enhance the quality of life in the area by engaging a diverse and inclusive group of stakeholders, developing collaborative partnerships, empowering area neighborhoods through capacity-building, providing an accessible forum for the exchange of ideas and resources, advocating for the interests of area residents and neighborhoods, promoting community investment and pride, celebrating and preserving the area's history and culture, and strategically aligning resources and assets to set and achieve shared goals effectively. 

Visit the Packard Area Planning Alliance website HERE

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