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The City of Fort Wayne's Neighborhood Planning & Activation Workgroup is working closely with stakeholders in the Northwest Neighborhoods Planning Area neighborhoods of Bloomingdale, Hamilton, Lincoln Park/Five Points, Nebraska, and North Highlands to develop a new ten-year strategic framework for the neighborhoods.   

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What Is Northwest Neighborhoods 2035

The City of Fort Wayne's Community Development Division's Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup is working with several Northwest area neighborhood associations, local organizations, and institutions to develop Northwest Neighborhoods 2035. The expected outcome of this work is a 10-year neighborhood plan that provides a shared vision and direction for the neighborhoods, providing strategies for investing in growth, building community, and improving the quality of life for neighborhood residents, businesses, and organizations.

Why Do We Need a Neighborhood Plan?

You may ask why a neighborhood plan is important. The neighborhood planning process offers local stakeholders the opportunity to come together and shape the future of your neighborhood. Neighborhood plans do a lot for a community, including (1) engaging residents and businesses in identifying a future vision for the area and providing strategies and recommendations for achieving that vision, (2) providing detailed recommendations for the neighborhood to ensure neighborhoods grow as envisioned by the plan, and (3) provide a level of analysis, detail, and guidance on issues affecting local areas that a "comprehensive" citywide plan cannot. 

Who Is Involved In Creating a Neighborhood Plan?

In short, everyone! This plan involves anyone who lives, works, worships, and participates in the Northwest Neighborhoods Planning Area neighborhoods, and we want to ensure your voice is included. Direct involvement from the neighborhood's stakeholders and residents is central to developing a neighborhood plan. To ensure that the neighborhood planning process goes smoothly, a team of steering committee members, made up of residents and business owners in the Northwest Neighborhoods Planning Area, meet regularly to provide feedback and guidance in the plan development process. 

Do I Live in Northwest Neighborhoods?

The following neighborhood associations (active and inactive) are a part of the new planning area:

  • Bloomingdale Neighborhood Association
  • Five Points Neighborhood
  • Hamilton Neighborhood Association
  • Lincoln Park Home Owners
  • Nebraska Neighborhood Association
  • North Highlands Neighborhood Association

Community Engagement

Crucial to a good plan is the voices of the community. The Northwest Neighborhoods 2035 plan is seeking input through a variety of outreach opportunities, including the following: 

Northwest Neighborhood Survey: Click on the survey link below (English or Spanish) to complete the brief survey to help us better understand your thoughts on your neighborhood and the improvements that could be made.


Survey English Survey Spanish


Northwest Neighborhood Input Map: Use the interactive mapping tool to provide feedback and input in the Neighborhood Plan. We are looking for suggestions from dangerous intersections to lighting improvements and redevelopment opportunities. These suggestions will be compiled and evaluated when drafting the plan goals and strategies.