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December 13, 2022 - The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission has approved the sale of the Schaab Metal Products building at 1216 N. Harrison St. to Schaab Riverfront Plaza LLC., a development group led by local developer Don Steininger. Steininger has pledged a private investment of $5 million in the adaptive reuse of the building

Steininger plans to renovate the building into a 30,000-square-foot multi-tenant commercial development to include a restaurant, brewpub, café, and e-sports. The project will maintain the existing brick façade and distinct character of this late 19th century building. The project will add rooftop and outside dining and gathering spaces ensuring a seamless transition between public and privately-owned spaces with amenities complementary to the overall riverfront experience.

The next phase of Riverfront public space expansion will extend along the north side of the river to the northeast and southwest of this site.  Improvements planned for this next phase of riverfront public space include expansion of the Rivergreenway and other pedestrian paths, a continuance of the treetop canopy trail, and gathering spaces such as a hammock grove and bolder climbing mound, amongst other features. Construction of this phase is anticipated to begin next year.

“We are excited to partner with Don and his team on this unique adaptive reuse project.  The reuse of the building will provide memorable experiences for residents and visitors. This project aligns perfectly with the vision and goals of the Riverfront Plan, which calls for hubs of activity where public and private spaces blend seamlessly together,” said Deputy Director of Redevelopment Jonathan Leist.

The renovation of the Schaab Riverfront Plaza building is scheduled to begin in late spring of 2023, with tenant occupancy expected in 2024.