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Fort Wayne, Ind. – The City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division today announced that 27 neighborhood associations are being awarded grants totaling more than $117,000 to improve their communities.

Any registered Fort Wayne neighborhood association or one of the City’s four Area Partnerships could apply to receive up to $5,000 for the Neighborhood Improvement Grant.

The program is designed to support neighborhood projects that beautify public spaces and strengthen community involvement. The projects will enhance the aesthetics of the neighborhood, provide a clear community benefit, be accessible to all residents and increase civic pride.

Examples include community gardens, improvements to community centers, benches, public art or signage. Expenses such as routine maintenance, social events or operating expenses were not covered.

“Maintaining and developing strong neighborhoods is essential,” said Nancy Townsend, Director of Community Development. “This program recognizes the value of giving the power to residents by allowing them to identify opportunities for improvements that align with the community’s values and desires. Community Development will continue to put the funding it receives into neighborhoods throughout the City.”

Proposals were evaluated and scored based on grant criteria and available funding. Below is a list of the grant recipients and the planned projects:

Bloomingdale Neighborhood - Blooming Again! Sign, landscaping, logo/marketing strategy.

Grant amount $5,000.00

Branning Hills Entrance Sign.

Grant amount $5,000.00

Caribe Colony - Playground Renovation. 

Grant amount $3,277.22

Countryside Estates – New Entrance Signs. 

Grant amount $5,000.00

Covington Chase - Native Plant Education and Display Garden. 

Grant amount $2,833.81

Creighton Home - Neighborhood signs.

Grant amount $5,000.00

Fairfield Neighborhood - "Beautiful Streets" Flower beds in neighborhood’s esplanade

Grant amount $5,000.00

Fall Creek - Street sign poles.

Grant amount $570.00

Hamlets West - Overlook Project.

Grant amount $4,800.00

Harrison Hill - Harrison Hill Triangle Park improvements.

Grant amount $5,000.00

La Cabreah - Entrance Sign.            

Grant amount $5,000.00

Lafayette Place - Gateways Project.  Improvements to three entryways.

Grant amount $4,996.77

Lincoln Village - Picnic Tables in common areas.

Grant amount $5,000.00

Manor Park - Park Improvement. New benches, picnic tables, and bike rack.

Grant amount $4,020.25

Mayerling Estates – Entrance Improvements, lighting and landscaping.

Grant amount $4,020.95

New Glenwood - Entrance Sign Repair.

Grant amount $2,500.00

NWAP/Weststate Court - Mailbox Beautification. 

Grant amount $5,000.00

Oxford Neighborhood - New Signage for community center.

Grant amount $4,640.00

Pettit‐Rudisill - Home Beautification Program. Program to assist homeowners.

Grant amount $3,219.00

Pine Valley - Traders Park Nature Trail, trees, bike rack, and park bench.

Grant amount $5,000.00

Seven Oaks - Street Signs. 

Grant amount $5,000.00

Summer Wind Community - Entrance Beautification. 

Grant amount $5,000.00

West Chester Glen - Safer Crossing, traffic calming sign.

Grant amount $3,450.00

West Rudisill Neighborhood - Fairfield Pocket Park.

Grant amount $5,000.00

Wildwood Park - Wildwood Park Bench Project. 

Grant amount $3,878.00

Williams Woodland Park - Tree Canopy Restoration. 

Grant amount $4,900.00

Woodhurst – Neighborhood Sign Project.

Grant amount $5,000.00