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Fort Wayne, Ind. – E-scooters and bikes are returning to Fort Wayne. Veo, a shared mobility company based in Chicago, released 200 e-scooters and pedal bikes to the near downtown area today. The devices will be available immediately Thursday, April 1.

Scooters and bikes continue to prevail as popular commuting and recreational devices. Over the 16 months of an initial pilot program, Fort Wayne residents and visitors showed their support by using the scooters so often that the City became one of the hottest markets for Veo in 2020.

Last year, there were 110,000 unique riders, 200,000 different rides and 350,000 miles ridden.

Veo has a permit from the City of Fort Wayne as part of an ongoing pilot program created to test the viability of electric scooters as a mobility option in the City. City staff and stakeholders decided to extend the pilot for an additional year to further test and improve the system without the unusual complications of a pandemic.

No tax dollars support the program and Veo is responsible for all equipment and liability. Any questions or complaints should be directed to the City of Fort Wayne’s 311 line, Veo at 855-836-2256 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..