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Fairfield-Nestel House Information
813 and 815 W. Creighton Avenue

Neighborhood Code Compliance has had a case on the property since the mid-1990’s. The most recent order to demolish is the third order that has been issued – the first was affirmed in 1998 and the second in 2005. Both times, Neighborhood Code allowed the demolition orders to expire in order to provide more time for the property owner to make repairs.

However, the repairs were never made and the property has continued to deteriorate. It is now in extremely poor condition. It has severe roof deterioration and there are holes and missing mortar in the foundation. Holes in the roof have allowed water in, causing the staircase to rot. The roof and cornice of the east bay window is rotted, clapboard siding is missing from the southeast wall, and the windows are deteriorated and have rotted in some areas. There are many other code violations.

Over the years, Neighborhood Code has had to board unsecured openings, which would allow access to the house. Two fires occurred at the property; one in 2004 and the other in 2007.

In January 2016, the property owner appealed the demolition order in court and the court ordered a stay, once again allowing for time to bring the house up to code. However, after a full year with no substantial improvements being made, the court dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning it could no longer be appealed.

In April 2017, the Historic Preservation Commission voted to allow the demolition of the Fairfield home to move forward. The current property owner was notified of the meeting but did not attend or make an effort to oppose the action. The local preservation non-profit group, ARCH, has also publicly stated that it is not opposing the demolition. The neighborhood president submitted a letter of support for demolition in 2015.