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The Fort Wayne Police Department calls Neighborhood Code Enforcement (NCE) officers to a property if the police determine there is sufficient evidence indicating the property is a site for the manufacture and/or utilization of methamphetamine. NCE Officers then issue an immediate Order to Condemn and Vacate the property and post condemnation signs stating the property is unsafe, not fit for human habitation. No one is allowed to enter the property without an Entry Affidavit issued by Neighborhood Code Enforcement.

Only Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Qualified Inspectors or Abatement Contractors may obtain an Entry Affidavit to enter the property. The Entry Affidavit will be issued by Neighborhood Code Enforcement to the Inspector or Contractor once a signed contract between the property owner and contractor has been signed.

Visit http://www.in.gov/idem/health/2385.htm for more information about Indiana’s protocols for Meth-property clean up and for a list of qualified inspectors and contractors.