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Anyone who is facing homelessness, or is seeking shelter or housing is encouraged to call Brightpoint at (260) 423-3546 ext. 332 to begin the Coordinated Entry process. 
The Office of Housing & Neighborhood Services places a priority on addressing the causes and conditions of homelessness in Fort Wayne. Throughout the 2019 funding year, OHNS provided Federal funds to assist dozens of families moving from homelessness to being housed. Multiple rapid re-housing programs connected families to rental housing options and provided case management assistance to help clients secure employment and work toward self-sufficiency.

Through the OHNS public services program, the department works with local non-profit organizations to support their services. In 2018 OHNS funded non-profits that: helped hundreds of previously homeless individuals and families access safe emergency shelter; provided meals and other basic living necessities; as well as provided mental health, case management, and employment services.

Finally, OHNS provides Federal funding to help develop safe and affordable housing for vulnerable populations. Examples of affordable housing developments the department has supported include: Superior Lofts, Bottle Works Lofts, Posterity Scholar House and Vincent Village.