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The City of Fort Wayne's Neighborhood Planning & Activation Workgroup has worked closely with stakeholders in the Historic Northeast Planning Area neighborhoods of Forest Park, North Anthony, and Northside to develop a new ten-year strategic framework for the neighborhoods.   

Historic NE Neighborhood

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Why Do We Need a Neighborhood Plan?

You may ask why a neighborhood plan is important. The neighborhood planning process offers local stakeholders the opportunity to come together and shape the future of your neighborhood. Neighborhood plans do a lot for a community, including (1) engaging residents and businesses in identifying a future vision for the area and providing strategies and recommendations for achieving that vision, (2) providing detailed recommendations for the neighborhood to ensure neighborhoods grow as envisioned by the plan, and (3) provide a level of analysis, detail, and guidance on issues affecting local areas that a "comprehensive" citywide plan cannot. 

Who Is Involved In Creating a Neighborhood Plan?

In short, everyone! This plan involves anyone who lives, works, worships, and participates in the neighborhoods in the Historic Northeast Planning Area, and we want to ensure your voice is included. Direct involvement from the neighborhood's stakeholders and residents is central to developing a neighborhood plan. To ensure that the neighborhood planning process goes smoothly, a team of steering committee members, made up of residents and business owners in the Historic Northeast Planning Area, meet regularly to provide feedback and guidance in the plan development process. 


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North Anthony Neighborhood Association

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Forest Park Neighborhood Association

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Forest Park Neighborhood Association

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North Anthony Neighborhood Association

Jeffrey Rose

Forest Park Neighborhood Association

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Northside Neighborhood Association

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Northside Neighborhood Association 

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Northside Neighborhood Association

What's Next for the Neighborhood Plan?

We are in the final stage of drafting the neighborhood plan before the Comprehensive Plan adoption process. A neighborhood plan, when active, is an 'amendment' to the All In Allen Comprehensive Planwhich was adopted by the City of Fort Wayne in 2023. This means that both plans work together to guide growth, development, and preservation in the neighborhood(s). 

Estimated Adoption Timeline:

February 19 Fort Wayne Plan Commission Initiates the Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan
March 26 Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan is introduced at the Fort Wayne City Council
April 8 Fort Wayne Plan Commission Public Hearing is scheduled
April 15 Fort Wayne Plan Commission Business Meeting is scheduled
May 7 or 14 Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan is discussed and placed on final passage at Fort Wayne City Council

What happens after the Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan is adopted?

The Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan outlines several dozen projects that improve residents' and business owners' quality of life and opportunity in the Forest Park, North Anthony, and Northside Neighborhoods. The Plan provides guidance, encouraging City Departments, neighborhoods, and residents to work together to set and accomplish goals each year to implement the plan. 

The Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan is active after adoption is finalized. As projects are announced and completed, this website will provide regular updates to show how the plan progresses through implementation. 

How Does This Align With All In Allen?

The Historic Northeast 2035 Neighborhood Plan is a proposed amendment to the All In Allen Comprehensive Plan. 

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All In Allen
Adopted March 13, 2023

Chapter 6 [1.4] Strengthen existing neighborhoods and revitalize declining and middle- and low-income neighborhoods

  • 1.4.1 Review and update incentives and provide coordinated planning assistance to revitalize declining and middle neighborhoods. 

Chapter 6 [1.6] Encourage neighborhood activation and planning

  • 1.6.2 Support and foster the development of action-oriented and asset-based plans for declining and middle neighborhoods
  • 1.6.3 Support and foster the creation of sub-area plans that promote and sustain complete neighborhoods