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The Weed Program was developed to protect the public safety, health and welfare and enhance the environment of the City of Fort Wayne by eliminating tall grass, high weeds and other noxious vegetation (including poison ivy). Per the City's Ordinance (Chapter 100: Nuisances), a violation exists when the grass exceeds nine (9) inches or there is other poisonous vegetation on the property.

Neighborhood Code Compliance's Weed Program is both proactive and reactive in its enforcement. Complaints come through the 311 Call Center, and the Weed Inspectors are responsible for canvasing their specific territory. Once a yard is deemed to be in violation, a placard is placed in the yard, and a letter to abate is sent to the owner of record. Property owners then have five (5) days to correct the violation. If grass, weeds, or noxious vegetation are not removed within that timeframe, the City's mowing contractors will cut the lawn and/or remove the noxious vegetation, and subsequently, the owner will be charged for the cost of the mowing which will include an administrative fee. If the mowing invoice is not paid within 30 days, a lien will be placed on the property.summer weed program

Residents can report complaints by calling 311 or by visiting the 311 website. Individuals reporting a violation will need to have the property's street address or specific location.