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Neighborhood Code Compliance utilizes the Indiana Unsafe Building Law for the criteria of determining unsafe building standards. The links below provide the relevant codes and ordinances which address this topic.

Chapter 150: Minimum Conditions and Maintenance of Commercial, Industrial, and Other Property or Premises

Chapter 152: Housing and Building Standards

Indiana Code (IC), Title 36, Article 7, Chapter 9 (IC 36-7-9-4 describes unsafe buildings and unsafe premises)

Based on the above codes and ordinances, a Neighborhood Code Compliance officer and the Deputy Director will determine when a structure on a property exhibits the criteria of being an unsafe building. These properties are then grouped together and put into an Order to Demolish (OTD) Hearing where all persons who have a substantial property interest are notified of the requested action. A hearing is scheduled to determine the status and future action to be taken. Action by the hearing officer may be to 1) affirm the order, 2) rescind the order, or 3) modify the order.

** If at any time a structure on a property becomes an immediate danger to life, safety, or property, an Emergency Order to Demolish can be issued without causing an OTD Hearing or giving notice.**

Information above is subject to change. For information call 427-1087.