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Before You Ride

Have a back-up plan such as calling a friend for a ride or taking the bus if necessary. All Citilink fixed route buses are equipped with bike racks. For more information, please see: http://www.fwcitilink.com/load_bike_on_bus.htm

on Thursday March 12 by Christopher Campbell
  • Use a map to figure out the best way from your home to your destination.
  • Keep in mind that online map services like Google Maps do not take road conditions or traffic into account
  • Try riding it on a day you're not working so you'll have more confidence and will know how long it takes
on Thursday March 12 by Christopher Campbell
  • Air: Squeeze the sides of each tire. If the tire is squishy, fill it with a bicycle pump until it reaches the air pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire or until it is firm. Avoid using gas station compressors as they have the tendency to over-inflate bike tires, causing blow-outs.
  • Brakes: Stand next to your bike and push it forward while squeezing one brake at a time. Each brake should create considerable resistance.
  • Chain: Check that your chain is silver or black and not rusty. If it is rusty, it will need to be replaced. Lubricate your chain at least monthly with bicycle-specific oil; do not use WD-40.
  • Quick Releases: On some bikes, especially newer models, quick releases attach your wheels and seat to your frame. Ensure that your quick releases are tightened and in the closed position; quick releases on your wheels should have "open" and "closed" inscribed on either side.
on Thursday March 12 by Christopher Campbell

Take it to your local bike shop for a tune-up

on Thursday March 12 by Christopher Campbell