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In 2003 the City of Fort Wayne Housing Strategy was adopted as an amendment to the City's Comprehensive Plan. The strategy was the culmination of a year-long process initiated by the City of Fort Wayne's Division of Community Development and private and non-profit partners to rethink and refocus public and private efforts to re-energize the City's neighborhoods. To achieve this goal, Planning & Policy partners with neighborhood residents and other community stakeholders to develop implementable and measurable community development plans.

During the planning process, residents, community groups, property owners, and business owners identify and discuss issues, develop goals and create strategies. Plans usually include four basic elements: land use, transportation, housing, and community facilities. Other specific issues identified by community members also can be addressed by the plan.

Completed Plans, Maps, and Plan History

Bloomingdale & Spy Run    2005 PLAN       HISTORY     
East Central    2005 PLAN       HISTORY     
Memorial Park    2008 PLAN       HISTORY     
Nebraska Neighborhood    2010 PLAN       HISTORY     
Northside Neighborhood    2007 PLAN       HISTORY       2015 UPDATE   
Packard Area Planning Alliance (PAPA)    2005 PLAN       HISTORY     
Southeast Area Development Strategy    2007 PLAN       2007 APPENDIX       2016 AMENDMENT   
West Central    2004 PLAN       HISTORY     


SE Area Development Strategy

In May 2006, the City initiated the Southeast Area Development Strategy. This Strategy was a 10-year vision for the future of the Southeast area of Fort Wayne. The purpose of the Strategy was threefold: To identify opportunity areas for commercial and residential development, redevelopment and investment;To recommend incentives and initiatives to encourage investment within opportunity areas; and To provide guidance through innovative land use policies.