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Martin Luther King Jr. Public Monument
This project includes the creation of a public display commemorating the words and visit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Fort Wayne in 1963 at the Scottish Rite Auditorium, now the USF Performing Arts Center. Dr. King visited Fort Wayne on June 5, 1963 on his journey to Washington, D.C. where he would make the historic “I Have a Dream” speech just two months later.

Pillars of Hope and Justice commemorates the historic visit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Fort Wayne in June 1963, where he shared his vision of nonviolent resistance. The monument features six pillars set in a circular configuration around a stone or concrete plaza. Each pillar will evoke both ancient architectural pillars and growing reeds of papyrus that emerge from the ground and bend outwards at the top. The monument will be placed at the northwest corner of West Main Street and Ewing Street.

The Fort Wayne Public Art Commission hosted an artist talk regarding the Pillars of Hope and Justice Monument in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday, June 9, 2022. The talk featured one of the artists, Shane Allbritton of RE:site, along with team member Caitlin Dashiell. The RE:site team also shared inspiration for the design and information on fabrication. To see a narrated version of this presentation click on this LINK.

The project kicked off in January 2022 and will be completed in May 2023. The monument will be dedicated as part of a planned commemoration of the 60th anniversary Dr. King’s visit on June 5, 2023. The project is funded by the City of Fort Wayne Community Development and Legacy Funds.

PerspectiveView Main and Ewing


Nebraska Neighborhood Mural
The Public Art Commission was granted $12,000 from the Northwest Quadrant Investing in Neighborhood Now Committee to install a mural on the east side of the building at 1804 W Main Street.

Artist Jeff Pilkinton's design concept was chosen by a Selection Committee consisting of property owners and neighborhood representatives. The mural is schedule for completion by the end of September.


Northeast Quadrant Public Art Initiative
The Fort Wayne Public Art Commission has been granted $50,000 from the Northeast Quadrant Investing in Neighborhoods Now Committee to install public art in the Northeast Quadrant of Fort Wayne.

A Selection Committee was appointed by the Public Art Commission to oversee the project in September 2021. After issuing and evaluating responses from a survey of northeast quadrant residents in early 2022, the Comittee recommended that funds be dedicated to the development of a public art scuplture in Lakeside and Shoaff Parks.

A Request for Proposals was sent to local and regional artists in late June 2022. The Committee is in the process of evaluating proposals and selecting an artist. 

Faces of the Fort Public Art Initiative
Go to this link for information on the Faces of the Fort Public Art Initiative.

Five Point Spin - Five Points Roundabout Sculpture

This project includes the installation of a sculpture in the center of the newly constructed roundabout at Goshen and Sherman Roads in northwest Fort Wayne. At the request of the City of Fort Wayne Public Works Department, the Public Art Commission formed a selection committee. The committee selected Susan Zoccola’s 5 Point Spin sculpture at the new roundabout at Goshen Avenue/Lillian Avenue/Sherman Boulevard to be installed in late September 2022. The project is funded by Fort Wayne Public Works and Northwest Quadrant Investing in Neighborhoods Now Funds.

5 Point Spin