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Faces of the Fort is a public art project initiated by the Fort Wayne Public Art Commission that shares faces and stories of the community through large-scale murals. This project seeks to elevate civil rights and social justice stories of residents; past and present.   The purpose of this initiative is to celebrate the uniqueness, different backgrounds, stories and ideas of fellow residents through the development of murals and throughout the City.  

In 2019, Public Art Commission established a Faces of the Fort Selection Committee made up of Public Art Commission members and community representatives who put out a call for artists and conducted community conversations to develop the stories the murals will tell.  In early 2021, the committee selected the individuals that would be celebrated during the first phase of installations which were installed in June of 2021 at three locations in the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest quadrants of Fort Wayne.

Phase two installations are planned for June/July of 2022.  The Faces of the Fort Selection Committee is currently seeking submissions of façade locations in the Northwest quadrant and downtown.

Faces of the Fort Phase 2 – Call for Mural Locations

If you own or rent a building in the Downtown or Northwest quadrant of the City and would like it to be considered for a Faces of the Fort fill out this Building Façade Submission Form

The deadline for submissions is January 7, 2022.  If you have any questions please contact Faces of the Fort Selection Committee Chair, Réna Bradley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Criteria for consideration of building facades includes the following:

    • The building must be in the Downtown or Northwest Quadrant of the City with a strong emphasis on buildings in and around neighborhoods.
    • The building façade must be able to be clearly viewed from a public space or a public right of way.
    • The building façade must be at least 10 feet tall and a minimum of 900 square feet in uninterrupted paintable area.
    • Ideal mural surfaces include already painted brick masonry, cement, and concrete block masonry that is in "good" condition. Metal siding surfaces and surfaces with walls with doors and windows may be considered but are not preferred. The building façade material cannot be unpainted brick masonry.
    • The building owner must agree to allow the mural to be displayed for a minimum of 10 years.

What should building owners know?

    • The Public Art Commission will be responsible for all costs in association with the painting and maintenance of the mural but will not pay the building owner for use of the façade for a 10-year period. Building owners interested in participating in the Faces of the Fort project will be asked to sign a property owner agreement. (Examples of the property owner agreement will be made available to property owners upon request or once site feasibility and interest has been verified.)
    • The property owner agreement outlines that there will be a final art concept that needs to be approved/vetoed by the property owner. If the owner does not approve the concept, the mural will not be placed on their building. Please note: The final concept art will be specifically designed for each community and inspired by community stories/ input. The concept design will have gone through a strict selection process to choose the final design. Property owners are encouraged to consider that selected designs have been thoroughly vetted, and to consider the final concept artwork in good faith.
    • The artists are covered under their own general insurance. Artists working on each property will not sign any agreements with the property owner. Payment for the installation of the mural is not the responsibility of the property owner.
    • Ownership of the physical mural goes to the property owner upon completion of the work. This does not mean that copyright ownership transfers to the property owner.

There is a good chance that people will want to take photos of the mural and visit the site. It could increase business for the property owner and surrounding businesses. The property owner should be prepared for this increase in foot/vehicular traffic at the exterior of their property.


Faces of the Fort Murals


NE mural graphic small NE Mural
1514 St. Joseph Blvd

Theme:  Creating an Inclusive Community
Subjects:  Glynn Hines & Genevieve Meyer
Artist:  Benjamin Duke


SE mural SE Mural
4335 South Anthony Boulevard

Theme:  Achieving the American Dream
Subjects:  Irene Paxia & William E. Warfield
Artist:  Kacy Jackson


SW mural SW Mural
1818 Bluffton Road

Theme:  Breaking Down Barriers
Subjects:  Raquel Kline & Thomas Smith
Artist:  Mitchell Egly