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Temporary decorative LED lighting is now brightening the underside of the Norfolk-Southern overpass that crosses Barr Street just north of Freimann Square.

IMG 9497Three types of lighting have been installed and each can be programmed in a variety of color combinations. The lighting company, CM Buck and Associates, is loaning the lighting to the City of Fort Wayne and the Public Works Division installed it. If the lighting performs well, and there is positive feedback from residents, the City will consider purchasing it.

The lighting is intended to enhance safety and help beautify the area for pedestrians walking back and forth from the Arts Campus and amenities along Superior St.

“As the Arts Campus and Riverfront Fort Wayne attract more visitors to the downtown area, we want to enhance the public spaces that connect people to these amenities,” said Pam Holocher, director of Planning & Policy. “When we developed the Front Door Fort Wayne Plan, residents voiced their support for improving the appearance and safety of downtown’s rail overpasses.”