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Statewide Planning Council

  • Each region of Indiana has a planning council
  • Overall planning body for initiatives aimed at ending homelessness in Indiana
  • Comprehensive approach to develop, operate and improve Indiana's continuum of homeless solutions
  • Broad range of systems and expertise in the housing field


 Fort Wayne Area Planning Council on Homelessness

  • Part of Region 3
  • Established within last 10 years
  • More formally organized and staffed in 2009/10 in order to align with HUD's new funding objectives around homelessness
  • Leads creation of the local Continuum of Care


Planning Council MembershipFWA Service

  • Public Housing Authority
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Public Schools
  •  Non-profit Agencies
  • Local Government
  • United Way
  • Public Health Services Agencies & Providers
  • Private Organizations
  • Faith-based Organizations


 Watch the 2016 Report to the Community here.