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 Community Planning

pdfAnthony Grade Separation Study

pdfRail Feasibility Study

pdfMetro Edge Market Study

Downtown Design Guidelines

Neighborhood Plans / Community Development Plans

 Historic Preservation

pdfFoster Park Cultural Landscape Report   (24MB)

pdfMcMillen Park Cultural Landscape Report    (19MB)

pdfShoaff Park Cultural Landscape Report   (22MB)

pdfWeisser Park Cultural Landscape Report    (10 MB)

pdfRudisill Boulevard Cultural Landscape Report   (13MB)

pdfMemorial Park Cultural Landscape Report   (19MB)

pdfSwinney Park Cultural Landscape Report     (38MB)

pdfLakeside Park Cultural Landscape Report       (19MB)

Office of Housing & Neighborhood Services Area Plans & Reports

pdf2017 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

pdf2017 Annual Action Plan

pdf2016-2020 Consolidated Plan

pdfPowerPoint for Public Presentation of 2016-2020 Consolidated Plan

Comprehensive Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)

Redevelopment Department

pdfParking Management Review

Parking Management Full Study 2006

Harrison Square Documents

Downtown Studies

pdfDowntown Blueprint Update, May 2016

pdfNorth River Now 

pdfDowntown Blueprint brochure

pdfDowntown Blueprint for the Future (2003)

pdfDowntown BlueprintPlus

pdf2014 Downtown Housing Market Potential Study

pdfDowntown Housing Market Potential Study Appendix

pdf Downtown Housing Market Potential Study 2014 Powerpoint   

Downtown Fort Wayne: Jefferson-Washington Corridors (AECOM):

pdfSection 1   Cities: Transportation, People, and Principles
pdfSection 2   Fort Wayne Workshop Sessions: Issues, Design, and Analysis
pdfSection 3   Future Corridor Growth Needs and Potential Solutions
pdfSection 4   Washington-Jefferson Design Proposals and Examples

Transportation Plans

pdfBike Fort Wayne

pdfBus Fort Wayne

pdfFront Door Fort Wayne

pdfWalk Fort Wayne

pdfNorth Anthony Corridor Feasibility Study

pdfBluffton/Lower Huntington Corridor Improvement Plan

Population/Retail Studies

pdfSoutheast Area Retail Market Analysis and Strategy

pdfAvailability Study - City of Fort Wayne

pdfImpediments to Fair Housing

pdfSouth Fort Wayne Retail Analysis9.03 MB

South Fort Wayne Retail Analysis Video Presentation

Market (Housing) Studies

pdfCentlivre Housing Market Potential Study

pdfCentlivre Site - Methodology Appendices

pdfSoutheast Housing Market Needs Assessment Part 1

pdfSoutheast Housing Market Needs Assessment Part 2